At Our Core

At eDitty Consultants, we believe change happens when we seek understanding, learn from each other, and activate from a place of deep empathy and care.

This is the work of humanity.

This is the work we want to help you steward within your community.

We Believe...

the solution to any problem starts with curiosity
curiosity paired with empathy creates a path for true compassion
there is power in collaboration and community building
inviting and honoring diverse perspectives enrich exploration and creation
the best solutions arise when those closest to the problem are included in the process

We believe in YOU.

Our Approach

We provide support to the organizations and people who are creating a world free from ignorance, injustice, and inequity in all its forms.

We ask questions, turn over the rocks, and seek diverse perspectives so the root problem can be uncovered and addressed. We co-create, braiding tested practices with emerging concepts to create solutions that are actionable and aligned with organizational values.

Our Team

We have spent most of our lives working in organizations tasked with solving problems often scarcely resourced. Holding true to our values and beliefs, we have moved mountains and made a difference in the world. We will help you do the same.

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